We had the opportunity to ask Randall Cobb, Pro Bowl Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers, a few questions.

Q. What factors are crucial to bouncing back next year?

A. The biggest thing is just having a healthy team. We had a lot of injuries last season, a lot of guys banged up and once we get everyone to full health you never know how the season is going to go. Things happen throughout the course of the year, you just have to be prepared and have the backup step up whenever that time is. So I just think the biggest thing is being healthy and everyone playing at their best.

Q. What has been your most memorable catch in your career? 

A. I’d have to say the most memorable for me is my first touchdown catch my rookie year against the saints. Being a rookie you don’t get too many opportunities. It was a 32 yard catch where I ran the wrong route and Aaron [Rodgers]  threw it to me and I was able to make a guy miss and I dove into the endzone.

Q. Which former NFL receiver did you try to model your career after?

A. It’s between Steve Smith and Hines Ward. My dad liked the Steelers so I grew up watching the Steelers a lot so I saw how Hines Ward played the game, very tough reviver, had the tenacity to block, make big catches across the field, take the big hits and just pop back up. Steve Smith and I are basically built the same in stature and just the way he was able to dominate his whole career has just been fun to watch. The physicality he plays with is a big part of his game and the game in general.

Q. What do you wish you would’ve known during your NFL combine?

A. That it really doesn’t matter. It has very little implication.


Thank you Randall.