I know, I know. 2017 is already almost a month in and I’m just posting this. Why? I’ve been super busy and wanted to make this article the best it could possibly be. I sincerely apologize for not posting. Well 2016 was a crazy year in sports so  let’s take a look back at some of the biggest sports headline from this past year.

On January 11, Alabama  beat Clemson to win the  the College Football Playoff. Could we see a rematch this year? Alabama is playing like they should win the title again, can anyone stop them?

Well just one day later another huge football statment happened. Except this one was in the NFL. The Rams announced that they will be relocating from St. louis to the big city of Los Angeles.

Why not just stay with the NFL. On February 7, Peyton Manning led his Broncos to win the Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers. This was Peyton Manning’s 2nd Super Bowl win and later in March,announced his retirement.

For any college hoops fan the day March 18 stunted many people. 15 seed Middle Tennessee knocked out 2nd seed Michigan State in the first round of March Madness. This was Denzell Valentines last game wearing a Spartan uniform and it was super hard for the whole Michigan State to lose that early as they were considered one of the heavy favorites.

From the beginning of March Madness to the end. On April 4, Villanova’s Kris Jenkins hit an amazing buzzer beater in the championship to edge out North Carolina. This was an incredible shoot and mostly everyone enjoyed watching it. That was except for North Carolina fans of course.

On April 13, NBA history was made. The Golden State Warriors broke the single season win records after capturing win number 73. It was truly an amazing accomplishment and achievement.

April 13 and basketball wasn’t quite done yet. And Kobe Bryant also wasn’t quite done. In Kobe’s last game before retirement and he an amazing send off game as he scored 60 points against the Jazz at home. What a night for Kobe, the Warriors and the entire NBA.

Not only did Jake Arrieta have an amazing playoff run but he was also very dominant in the regular season. On April 21, he pitched a no hitter against the Reds.

The baseball news just keeps coming. 20 strikeouts. Wow. Well, on May 11, Max Scherzer tied the MLB record for most strikeouts in a game with 20 when he pitched those 20 against his former team, the Tigers.

On June 12 Sidney Crosby just added to hs legacy in the hockey world. Crosby led the Pittsburgh Penguins to a Stanley Cup victory in 6 games. This was the Penguins first Stanley Cup since 2009.

He kept his promise. Those were some of the exact words of Cleveland Cavaliers fans on June 19. LeBron led his hometown team to edge out the Warriors in game 7 of the NBA finals. This was the Cavs first NBA title and it was well deserved as they had to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead. Sorry just had to 🙂

July 4 was en emotional and rough day for the people of Oklahoma. There beloved legend and hero decided to leave them and sign with the Warriors. Thunder fans felt stabbed in the back, as they should feel. I’m going to try and not rant too much about this move but I do not feel like this was good for the NBA. If this keeps happening (that free agents follows the best team) then they will 3 or 4 teams that can contend which just won’t be fun watching.

I don’t usually write about swimming, track, etc. but since it was the Olympics I thought I’d include them in this. This first major thing that happened in the Rio games was on August 11 when Simone Biles and Aly Raisman won gold and silver in the women’s all around. The USA gymnastics team is pretty legit.

Just 2 days later on August 13, Michael Phelps won his final and 23rd gold medal of his career. It was also his fifth gold medal in Rio. Phelps has had a great career and I think many of us just wish he could keep swimming.

I feel like he’s faster than lightning. Faster than almost anything. Of course its Usain Bolt. On August 19, Bolt won yet another gold medal to have completed a triple- triple. ( Won gold is last 3 events in last 3 Olympics)

I don’t think Salpeter 25 or 26 were a good days for many baseball fans. On September 25, 2016 this world lost a wonderful person. Jose Fernandez sadly got into a boat crash in Miami early in the morning. Fernandez’s teammates described his as humbled, respected, and grateful. The next day the Marlins played. Of course the game was for Jose and it started off with a boom. Literally a boom. On the first at-bat of the game, Dee Gordon hit a homerun. As he ran the basepaths he got very emotional and started tearing up. That was the mood the entire game.

Staying in baseball who couldn’t remember Clayton Kershaw on October 13? Kershaw just recently started in the playoffs and was sitting on the bench in game 5 of the NLDS. he all of a sudden gets up and starts walking to the bullpen. WHAT?!? I know he’s amazing. Kershaw got the save for the Dodgers and helped them advance to the NLCS.

108 YEARS!! 108 YEARS! For Cub fans, for the MLB, for any sports fan November 2 was a crazy night. After a rain delay which caused a fiery speech by Jason Heyward which caused the rally. The rally of 108 years. After 108 years the Cubs were able to edge out the Indians in a game 7 with nothing more to ask for. Fly the W flag Cub fans! 

December also include most of the College Football bowl games with Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Penn State making the playoffs.

The rest of November and December was pretty boring in sports but the rest of 2016 made up for it. From hometown heroes, to records being broken I can’t understand why you wouldn’t have enjoyed the 2016 sports year. Please comment below what you think of this article. Remember you and always email us at sportsplanettoday@gmail.com. Remember to also follow us on Twitter  at sportsplantoday and follow us on Instagram at sportsplanettoday