With Washington’s win tonight, the college football playoff committee will have some big and important decisions to make. There’s one thing for sure, some teams won’t be happy.

Let’s start with the basics, Alabama is in. Doesn’t matter what happens against Florida in the SEC championship game.

Now, even Ohio State isn’t a lock, even though they are in a solid second place in the rankings.

If Penn State beats Wisconsin the the Big Ten title game, then Penn State would have the head to head and the conference championship against Ohio State. The problem with Penn State is that they have two losses. The committee has stressed the head to head and conference championship which is not good for Ohio State. They also said they look at how you ended the year. Penn State’s tw0 losses came in the first four games. Therefore, they have won eight straight games.

So in the case of Penn State winning against Wisconsin, do you put in Penn State over Ohio State, put Penn State in over Washington or just leave Penn State out in generally. Now on to Washington, there’s one big thing that hurts there case tremintiosly. Their schedule was horrible and that could be the difference maker. In non-conference they played Rutgers, Idaho, and Portland State. Also the Pac-12 did not live up to its standards and Wasthington’s strength of schedule was not as challenging as that of Wisconsin, Michigan or Penn State. Washington barley ( OT)  beat the three win Arizona. This season they only beat three top 25 teams.

If you don’t think Washington can make it in who else gets in? Michigan, or the winner of the Big Ten Championship game. Michigan has a case to make it into the playoffs also. Not to mention that Wisconsin has a good case also. Both Wisconsin and Penn State wouldn’t make the playoffs though. Now let’s say Clemson losses. Washington and either Michigan or the winner of the Big Ten championship game.

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