Jared Goff’s NFL debut wasn’t anything that a rookie qurterback would want. Not only did Goff’s team, the Rams, lose but individually Jared Goff didn’t play like a first overall pick. The entire loss wasn’t all his fault.  It was rainy and the Rams as a team did not play well but Goff also didn’t play so well. He went 17 for 31 and had 134 yards. Many people are asking, is Goff a bust? No he is not, he’s played one game and everyone needs to calm down. The Rams defense is good is just the offense that’s not coming out and performing. Goff has not one solid wide receiver. In the draft the Rams must use their 1st round pick on a WR. Oh wait, the Rams traded that pick to the Titans. Looks like they will just have to use their second round pick. If I were Les Snead, the Rams GM, I would keep Goff and see how he does. Give him pieces to work with, don’t make him throw to Tavon Austin and Brain Quick all day long. With Goff not being able to throw to anyone, the Rams run the ball a lot. Todd Gurley is an amazing running back but of course you can’t run the ball on every single play. Here’s just a little stat about the Rams offense this year, they’ve scored only 15 touchdowns this season and there has been two games where the Rams haven’t scored a touchdown at all! On average they’ve scored 1.5 touchdowns per game. The Rams will need to do massive work on offense in the next couple years to become a playoff and Super Bowl contending team.