Josh Redick, Brain Mccain, Charlie Morton, the names just keep coming. Those three guys are all players that the Astros have acquired this offseason. Not to mention they want another big name!!!! The Astros would want to acquire a 1st baseman and/or DH. If one of these two positions is not filled, then Evan Gattis can step in and play. Gattis will also likely have some time at catcher.  In my opinion, Edwin Encarnacion would be a reliable and powerful bat in the lineup. It would be a surprise if Encarnacion went anywhere other than the Astros, Rangers, Red Sox or Yankees. Jeff Luhnow, the Astros GM, is certainly swinging for the fences in free agency. If the Encarnacion plan fails, it wouldn’t be a shock if Luhnow goes out there and gets a solid bat at the first base position or as the DH. The Astros have been in talks with Carlos Beltran, although, if they get Encarnacion the cap space and money might be an issue.

Now let’s talk about the pitching staff. So far you have Dallas Keuchel, Collin McHugh, Lance McCullers, and Joe Musgrove. Charlie Morton is injury prone so they can’t rely on him consistently. The rotation is decent but another ace would be great and could put the ‘Stros over the top. The Astros are looking at Chris Archer from the Rays and Sale from the White Sox. Many teams are interested in those two pitchers, especially Sale. If the Astros have to give up Bergman, I don’t think they would want to do that deal even for an ace. With the Astros young core, all they need are some veterans. Well, they got some veterans. As Luhnow is building a winning team, the Astros could possibly rise to the top this season.